It's How We Do Business

For the past 20 years Sierra Metals has been more than just a structural steel fabricator. And we go way beyond simply building high-quality metal railings, steel stairs, and custom designed metal products. That’s because to really provide you with everything you expect and deserve on your next project we’ve got to give you what other metal fabrication shops won’t, what they can’t: the confidence that we really believe that we are in this together – that we’re partners.

We do that through honest and open communication. No matter the cost or size of the project, or how many challenges we encounter along the way, we are ALWAYS going to tell you the truth and we’re ALWAYS going to keep our word even if it costs us.

We’ll listen to your needs, your ideas, and then we’ll share ours with you. They may not always be the same but we’ve found through 20 years of custom manufacturing that some of our best work is inspired by pushing through the challenges that often arise through the process of collaboration and communication. That’s how the strongest, most successful partnerships are formed and that’s why they last.

That’s the way we do it at Sierra Metals and we know that from start to finish you’re going to see that we are dedicated to you and to the success of your project. The one you’re doing today and the many we’ll do together in the future.