Why Weathering Steel (Corten)?

Weathering steel, also known as corten (core-ten) is more than just rusty metal. It’s a special type of steel that when exposed to weather creates its own self-protecting, rust-colored “shell” preventing further corrosion.

We call this shell a patina and unlike other coverings such as paint, powder-coating, or weather-proofing it won’t fade or wear off and doesn’t require any maintenance at all. And the rust doesn’t compromise the strength of the material since it never penetrates deeper than the surface. All of this makes corten an excellent choice for planters, pergolas, arbors as well as house numbers, signs, and mailboxes. In fact, since weathering steel can be cut, drilled, shaped and welded just like other metals, there’s no limit to its usefullness. If you can imagine it, we can make it for you.

Keep in mind that there are plenty of knock-offs on the internet passing off plain old rusty metal as weathering steel. So be careful. Anyone selling authentic corten steel will be able to provide a mill certification (cert) proving you’re getting a quality product. Don’t be afraid to ask for it. If they can’t provide one then it’s probably not the real thing.

So whether it’s landscape accents, commercial construction, or just a fire-pit for your backyard, consider the warmth and durability of weathering steel for your next project.