Problems and Solutions

You don’t just come to us to have us cut, shape, or weld something. You come to us with a problem, so we come to you with a solution. And together we refine that solution until it fits your design, your schedule, and your budget.

Custom metal fabrication may be how we make a living, but problem solving is how we make a customer. Nearly every job we do presents us with some unique challenge, some new material, shape, or idea we haven’t encountered before. But when that happens we simply get to work figuring it out. And we always do, because that is how we learn and grow and how we add to our skills. People come to us not because we have all the answers but because for 20 years we’ve found them, and we ask the right questions. That’s really the key to our success.

Whether it’s iron or stainless steel, aluminum or corten, we’ll figure it out and we’ll solve your problem. That’s what we do.