Custom Steel Fabrication Done Right

In 2014 Sierra Metals contracted with Watson-Forsberg General Contractors to turn a run down, two-story, brick-clad car repair shop, into a modern open-floor office

building in Minneapolis’ North Loop neighborhood. The result is the award winning headquarters of the Fast Horse Marketing Agency designed by the legendary modern architect, David Salmella.

When we first began working on Fast Horse we knew this was not going to be an easy project. The budget was as tight as the job site and the customer was under pressure to complete the job as soon as possible. So we rolled up our sleeves and got to work.

To begin with we provided the structural steel necessary to add two additional floors to the existing metal framing. That was followed by a variety of light gauge blackened steel fixtures throughout the interior. Next came the open steel stairs, guardrails, and handrails rising through the center of the building. Then we finished it off with what would become the buildings most prominent feature – the exterior steel stairs and railings, steel-clad elevator tower, and the galvanized metal sunscreen. If you see it, you’ll immediately know why this building has won awards for design and construction.

It was not an easy job but we’re proud of what we accomplished as a key partner in this award winning project.